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This is a series of books about a girl named Alison-Isabella Elizabeth Costa. She was born with one special prophecy. She and her sisters and brother are to save the world. But theres one little problem she's a human still and all of her siblings are Vampires. She has one person god has made for her as a guardian angel and that person fell in love with her. But Alison doesn't love him back she loves someone from her past. He calls to her in her dreams at night. Alison and her siblings are hunted down by The Titicaca Coven. They want to use the slibling's powers to take over the world. Alison has been faced with many choices that she much choose from. Find the boy that calls in you're dreams for you or Furfill the prophey?

The BooksEdit

The Saga starts out with Firelights Prophecy, then continues with Starlight's Story, Darklight's Dawn, Moonlight's Birth, Diamondlight's Destiny, and lastly Graclight's Grace.

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