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The CharatersEdit

The Annacarrigian CovenEdit

  • Alison-Isabella Elizabeth Costa
  • Adan Costa
  • Elena Costa
  • Meghan Costa
  • Brian Costa
  • Cameron Silvers
  • Spencer Definny
  • Mia de Clece
  • Alicia de Clece
  • Teresa Silvers
  • Rosa Definnly

The French CovenEdit

  • Lucas de Claire
  • Emily de Claire
  • Walter de Claire
  • Ashlee de Claire

The Titicaca CovenEdit

  • Alejandro
  • Rafael
  • Augustin
  • Ramon
  • Clara
  • Juana
  • Elisa
  • Irene

The German CovenEdit

  • Jessica-Brianna Claire Stewart Layson
  • Maria Stewart
  • Eric Stewart
  • Elizabeth Stweart
  • Daniel Layson

The Eastern Shore CovenEdit


  • Damon Crawford
  • Trey Crawford
  • Gracie Crawford
  • Nick Crawford

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