The last hurrah?!!! Tis the last rose of summer, Left blooming alone; All her lovely companions, are faded and gone..
These Books are about a twisted love story between Alison Costa, Cameron Silvers, and Lucas De Claire. Sorry I only have finished the first book I will add the plots to the others as I finish them.

Book 1: Firelight's ProphecyEdit

Alison-Isabella Elizabeth Costa is born into The Annacarrigian Coven as a Human. Her father Adan, is the ruler of the small vampire world that Alison lives in. Her father wants to kill her when she is born because he is afaid that Alejandro will come after her because she is the last holder of the ancient prophecy. Alison slowly grows up and falls in love with her fathers guard Cameron. Her father brakes the two up. Alison goes into a deep depression but when she meet's Lucas a sweet talking vampire French boy, she falls head over heels for him. When him and his family leave Annacarrigia, Ireland Alison again goes into a deep depression. But Cameron is there for her and the two slowly fall in love again. But when Lucas comes back to ask for her forgiveness he finds out that she has moved on and he become's inraged and ask's Alison's father to kill him. When Alison finds out what he plans todo, she steps in front of her father and trys to stop him but her father become's enraged and slap's Alison after she has broken away from her mother's arms. Lucas become's enraged and attack's Adan saving Alison's life from her father's rage. Later on itn the book you meet Alejandro and his coven. One of his guard's kidnap's Alison and brings her to him and he change's her and she become's a raging newborn. Her power's become know and she ecaspes from him. Alison become's more powerful and become's a danger.

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