"My darling please don't mess with you're father when he hasn't fed" - Elena to Alison

Elena Costa (Elena Isabella Dormsting-Costa) mother of Alison, Meghan, and Brian. Wife of Adan.



Elena Dormstirng-Costa

Elena Dormsting was born on March 8th, 1983. She lived with her mother until she was 18. She worked at her mothers store at the age of 20. Thats when she met Adan. The two fell in love and married. Elena never knew she had the Werewolf gene in her. When she got it after having Alison. She became more independent and didn't want to be around her children or Adan. She found out that she could be around them when she was this thing.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Elena has red hair and she is tall and slender. Her hair is long and it is wavy. Her wolf color is white and she has blue eyes. She has blue eyes in her human form and wolf form.

Personality and traits Edit

She is sweet and kind. She loves her daughter and her love for nature makes her so kind and sweet. When she is in her wolf form she is vivious and protective of her family.

Etymology Edit

Her name means light, or more specifically, "sun ray/shining light".

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