"You are like you're father in ways like you're headstrong and powerful and others like you're mother, you are loving and caring" - Lucas to Alison

Allison-Isabella Elizabeth Costa


Alison was born December 12, 2000. Her father is Adan Costa and her mother is Elena Costa. She was human when she was born. Her father had planned to change her when she turned 21 but her father chose not to because he loved her as a human. But, when Alison grew older she begged her father to turn her. Alison fell in love with two boys Cameron Silvers (a member of the guard) and Lucas de Claire (a french vampire). Alison was turned on April 5th, 2017 at 16 years of age by Alejandro. He wanted her to join his army because she was one of the sibblings that held a piece of the Prophecy. Alison held the Water Prophecy. Alison ecsaped using her newly found power and went back to her father and mother. Lucas was the first to ask her if she would marry him. Alison agreed and the two married. Before their marriage Alison becomes pregnant with Lucas's baby. She has her daughter the day before her wedding she names her after her grandmother Lucia Maire is her name.

Physical appearance Edit

Alison has blonde pin straight hair with blue streaks because she holds the power of water. When she was human she had blue eyes and she was really tanned. But when she is turned she gets paler than all the other vampires and she has Sapphire Blue eyes because she hold's the power of water. She is 16 and she stands at 5'10. She has very red lips. She is slender and has a very hour glass like figure.

Personality and traits Edit

Alison is very sweet and gentle person. She cares more about Lucas her husband more than anyone else. But she is also very headstrong and sly like her father and sister Meghan. She lives her vampire life to the fulliest and she loves being immortal because she is an equal with her husband. All she thinks about is finding some way to get to Lucas and get him to give her what she wants. Alison loves to drive cars and read. Her father got her a Aston Martin DBS V12 for her birthday. Her favorite book is The Twilight Saga although she compares her life to Bella's


Alison is a prophecy holder and she holds the power to control the element of water. She also holds the power to step into the past and future. Alison can't use her power durning a fight or battle to change the outcome of it.

Etymology Edit

The name Allison means 'noble exalted nature'. It brings out the happy and gracious nature of a girl.

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