"If I was insane like him you wouldn't be my beautiful daughter" - Adan to Alison

Adan Costa (Adan Nathenal Costa) is the ruler of the vampire world. Elena Costa is Adan's Wife. Alison, Meghan, and Brian are Adan's Children.


Adan Nathenal Costa


Adan was born on July 8th, 1861 in London, England. He lived with his mother Destinee Flynn and his father Justin Costa. When Adan was 5 his father died of a heart attack at the age of 36. Adan and his mother Destinee moved to Berlin, Germany to ecaspe her husband's lost. Adan was well educated for his age. But, everything went down hill after his mother died from a brain temor at the age of 56 when he was 15. Adan moved to Dublin, Ireland with his grandparents Abigeál Flynn and Criostoir Flynn. When he was out hunting one day in the woods Adan was attacked by a hunting vampire and changed. Adan was 22. He later moved to America and served in both World War's. When he got back he found the girl he was looking for. Her name was Elena Isabella Dormsting. The two married and had 3 children but when the werewolf gene in her emgered Adan made sure that none of the children had it. Durning that he found out that one was human and the others were vampires. Adan became very wealthy threw his job as a CEO of a very sucessful coperation.

Personality and traits Edit

Physical descriptionEdit

Alison descripes her father as very slender. She also says he is about 6'3. He has blonde hair and deep red eyes. He is very pale and some what musclar. Alison comments that her fathe walks like a herd of elephants when he is very mad.


Alison offed refers her father to be like Aro because he sly like Aro. Adan is sly, and headstrong. He is a very stern person when it comes to parenting 16 year old girl. He spoils Alison the most but he is very stern with her when it comes to boyfriends.


Adan has the power to feel the emotions that people have felt in there life time.

Etymology Edit

Adan or Adam is a spanish name, meaning "Of The Earth."== ==

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